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As the cradle of civilisations, Turkey is surprisingly a new catch, being discovered by the foreign investors in last few years. It is a stunning, astonishing country that offers all, history, culture, sea, natural beauty and enjoyable day&night life. Hospitable people, dynamic economy and population, it has all the necessary components to make your investment constantly rise.  Once you invest in Turkey, you will enjoy living here and having a smart investment to get profit out of it.

Turkey’s each part offers a lot… Each city has a uniuqe characteristics and will keep you surprising. It is not fair to call Turkey as a country, it is more like a universe that has little bit of everything. Of course, İstanbul is the Star of Turkey where two continents (Europe&Asia) meet. It is the place that Europe and Asia have fallen in love.

İstanbul is not the capital city of Turkey but it is the capital of history, natural beauty, economy, civilisations, rich life style and more. It is not only the financial center of Turkey but also one of the world’s most important and developing financial centers. It is also one of the most populated cities in the world. Demand to the city never decreased in the history.

İstanbul is one of the best tourism destinations: The city also attracts congress and business purpose visitors. There are many different districts in Istanbul that suit your needs, city center,  seaside, in forrest, country side and more… We will inform you about all…

Since Istanbul’s population is constanly growing and the city attracts billions of dollar-foreing investment every year,  property investment is very popular. Turkey is also known as a high level health industry. There are many well developed hospıtals in Turkey. Hundreds of tousands foreigners come to Turkey to get healed.

Banking sector is also very advanced in tecnology and service wise. Expat banking will satisfy you. Some banks even offer Call Center service in English and German. Most Financial institutes have their headquarters in İstanbul and most of the large firms’ head offices are hosted by the city as well. Many reasons make Real Estates in İstanbul a valuable investment.

We used two symbol colors in our website. Erguvan is the symbol color of İstanbul and Turquase is of Turkey.


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